While studying for my bachelors degree I accumulated a lot of industry and academic experience. My professional and personal intererests are DevOps/IaC, Systems/Software Security and Computer Networking. All of which I deepen in personal projects such as my homelab and CTF challenges.

Work Experience

  1. Research Assistant @ UDE
    • Rust
    • Python
    • P4
    • Linux
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes

    While working for the Network Communication System Research Group at the University Duisburg-Essen as a research assistant I've assisted in research around software defined networking, 5G, congestion control algorithms and federated machine learning. I've established and managed the research groups on-premise and cloud infractructure, inventory system and online presence.

  2. Mentoring @ UDE
    • Powerpoint

    As a mentor for students enrolling into the computer science program of the University Duisburg-Essen I introduced groups of ~20 freshmen to their new academic environment at the beginning of each semester. Offering additional organizational and technical guidance for their first year in university.

  3. Software Engineer @ gefeba Engineering GmbH
    • C#
    • Angular
    • bootstrap
    • Entity Framework

    As a software engineer at gefeba Engineering I worked on the companies main software product, which was a frame-based data exchange system to monitor industry machinery using C# and Entity Framework. Another project I worked on was a real time log visualization application for the same machinery.

  4. Student Council Member @ UDE
    • Linux
    • Networking
    • LaTeX

    As a student council member I participated in faculty committees and organized social events. My main responsibilities as a member were the management of the IT infrastructure and supporting students, be it organizationally or subject-specific.

  5. Software Engineer @ gefeba Engineering GmbH
    • C#
    • HTML
    • Javascript
    • CSS

    After a school internship I got offered a job as a Software Engineer. I mostly worked on internal ERP projects, designed a tool which aided in managing project related mail traffic and worked on the internal master data management tool.


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Software Engineering





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Vietnamese (B1)

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